Rating system to assess tissue paper sourcing.

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Rates the implementation of transparent process(es) for the systematic tracking of materials, in order to compile evidence to ensure that the origin of commodities traded and/or processed is known.

Information Accuracy

Rates the systematic tracking of paper-based materials, as well as whether tracking is monitored and independently verified. Rates companies’ co mmitment to implementing an EMS and making such commitments publicly available. Progress towards environmental and social policies should be reported through an annual corporate/environmental responsibility report.


Scoring criteria include clear policies aimed at eliminating all raw materials from illegal and controversial sources.


Rates companies’ commitment to eliminate all sourcing of materials from the conversion of natural forests. Gives preference for buying wood from FSC certified plantations, and companies committed to improvement of management that enhances biodiversity in plantations and in the adjacent areas. Scoring criteria also considers whether or not companies have a commitment to make stepwise progress towards certification.

Unique Forest Values

Rates whether companies have a policy to eliminate all raw materials from controversial sources, including forests of high biodiversity value.

Social Aspects

Rates whether a company has a clear policy to eliminate all raw materials from controversial sources, including sourcing from forests where the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples are compromised.


Rates whether a company has a vision and targets for the production process with specific commitments to reduce/eliminate emissions of various substances including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur compounds, total suspended solids, phosphorous, nitrogen, biological and chemical oxygen demand, and absorbable organic halogens, as well as the reduction of solid and hazardous waste to landfill. It also rates commitments to ongoing research and development into cleaner production and transportation technologies.

Fresh and Recycled Fiber

Rates companies’ specific commitments to maximize the use of post -consumer recycled content and optimize the use of virgin fiber.