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See what others are doing. Here are general descriptions of a selection of public and procurement policies that may be of help as you develop and implement your own procurement policies:
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A number of tools exist to support sustainable procurement of wood and paper-based products. Use the "Guide to the Guides" to learn more about these tools.

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Information on this website is also available for download. Click below to download the complete Guide to Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products.
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How to Use This Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to assist sustainability officers and business procurement managers to develop and implement their wood and paper-based procurement policies. This Guide identifies and reviews issues central to procurement of wood and paper-based products, and highlights resources that can be of help.
The information in this publication is organized in five main sections:
  • Ten key issues and their associated overview – the list can be used as a checklist and as a tool for understanding what it is and why it matters;
  • An overview of the selected tools highlighted in the guide;
  • Sources of additional information – commonly cited instruments, tools, processes, etc.;
  • A key to the terminology, in the form of acronyms and a glossary of terms;
  • A reference section that includes key sources of information on highlighted tools.
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